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Gay Deer is based in Michigan.

Michigan has a lot of deer - especially at our parent's house which backs up to the woods. 

One night, over an evening cocktail on the deck, someone pointed out that the deer always travel with other deer of the same sex. 


To this day, it holds true - does & bucks wander in and out together - trotting, giggling, judging. We like to think they hang out at the house as it's an all-welcoming, safe place in a small, somewhat conservative town. Their house is always full of Gays - like the two of us building this brand, our brothers, aunts, uncles, some that haven't came out yet, and gaggles of other gays not quite related, but still considered part of the family.

Gay Deer became a family inside-joke of sorts, one that always brings us joy. Our new project brings tremendous joy in creating a fun garment out of an otherwise ordinary piece of clothing. The name of our venture came naturally and with cheeky smiles.

Our vision is to build a brand with your existing clothing.​

Check out your closet - a lot of clothes you don't wear?

Most likely, these will be stored, donated, or worse, thrown away. 


Did You Know:

  • The average U.S. citizen throws away 70 pounds of clothing and other textiles each year

  • The U.S. alone annually sends about 21 billion pounds of textile waste to landfills

  • Clothing release toxic gas when they decompose in landfills

  • Only 10-15% of donated clothing actually ends up in the secondhand market

Our Solution:

  1. Send us the clothes you don't wear or aren't quite sure how to wear.

  2. Let us upgrade them. 

  3. We'll add some Gay Deer or the like and send you back a one-of-a-kind garment that will finally get worn.


Questions or comments?

Drop us a line:

We've been in the closet and we can help yours. 


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