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  • What is Gay Deer?
    Gay Deer creates designs for your clothing. Whether we tattoo on your existing clothes or you order a new piece from an Edition, Gay Deer's mission is to bring joy to those wearing our designs.
  • Edition vs Commission vs Print?
    Choose a one-of-a-kind Edition when those drop -OR- Select a design from the Commission shop & send us something from your closet to be tagged -OR- Get a design printed on any number of products All designs are created by Gay Deer. Editions & Commissions are hand-painted. Printed items are ordered directly through our partner, Redbubble.
  • How is Gay Deer created?
    It's basically magic. Our designers tattoo on your clothing using a combination of stencils, spray paint & hand-painted images.
  • How do I wash Gay Deer?
    Gay Deer are sensitive. We recommend hand-washing or wash on the delicate cycle, cold water, light soil. Please hang dry. Any questions after you receive your garment, please send us a note & we'll work with you on how to care for your Gay Deer.
  • Can I get Gay Deer in other countries?
    Yes, suprisingly, there are Gay Deer in many countries. If you're outside the US and are interested in Gay Deer, please contact us directly,, and we'll work with you on logistics & shipping.
  • What if I don't like any of the existing designs on Gay Deer?
    Your screen must be broken. Send us your thoughts, logo or image & we'll work with you on getting that on a new or existing garment. Girl, we've been in the closet, and we can help yours.
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