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Gay Deer's mission is to bring joy to those wearing our designs.

Years back, the name came to be on the deck of our parent's house as watched deer of the same sex consistently wander in & out
of their yard.  Naturally, we secured the domain.

Fast forward to the beginning of COVID. 
While sheltering in place, we started
to create designs on clothing we weren't wearing. First, from our closet and eventually, from friend's closets. As this idea took shape, Gay Deer emerged as the name for the project.
No longer an inside joke, Gay Deer aims to produce joy-filled designs: via Print, on your existing garments via Commissions or on a new piece from our Editions.

Have a look or logo you want on a garment? Interested in collaborating? 
Questions or comments, please drop us a line:

Let us tattoo your clothing!

We've been in the closet, and we can help yours. 

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