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Gay Deer | Adornment

Gay Deer | Adornment will take your existing clothing and upgrade in various ways. Same premise: send us those clothes you don't wear, aren't quite sure how to wear, or are too boring to wear. Instead of a hand-painted Gay Deer, we'll add color & texture: patches, zippers, unique hemlines, ribbon - the list of adornments goes on...

Gay Deer | Outfits

Gay Deer | Outfits will upgrade your closet from afar.  Instead of sending us your actual clothing, send us images of you, your closet and your clothing. Let our Gay Deer designers work with you to organize your closet & your look in the way you're most comfortable with - text, Facetime, email, in-person, you name it.

Our Gay Deer designers work very well in the closet as most of us spent entirely too long there.

Gay Deer | T-Shirts

Gay Deer | T-Shirts will tackle that drawer in your closet. Most of us have way too many but don't want to part with them. Send us your t-shirt pile and our designers will upgrade the Gay Deer way.  Similar to that quilt your aunt made with your t-shirts from high school - but more contemporary this time around.

Gay Deer | Donate

Gay Deer | Donate will take on the rest of your clothing. You've sent us garments to upgrade but chances are you still have more that you don't wear and should probably part with. Send us those garments and our Gay Deer designers will create outfit bags that will be donated by size & style - a ready-to-wear package for those in need.

Have an idea or want to collaborate with Gay Deer? Send us a note & let's discuss.


We've been in the closet and we can help yours. 


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